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The Clouds by Aristophanes Essay - 1678 Words

The Clouds by Aristophanes - Relevant in Todays World The Clouds by Aristophanes, is a play centrally concerned with education. Aristophanes employs satire to illustrate his conservative beliefs. It is intended to show readers that in the tendency to philosophical subtleties lies the neglection of the real needs of the Athenians. According to Aristophanes, philosophical speculation only acts to shake the established foundations of accepted religion, gods, and ideals of morality. Specifically, as it was even discused in The Apology, Aristophanes believed that philosophical attitudes held by the Sophists enabled those who held them to convince others of wrong or weaker beliefs simply by sounding as if they knew what†¦show more content†¦In doing some background research into why this would be, I discovered that Aristophanes religious undertones could stem from the fact that Athenians were trying to harmonize science and religion. When new scientific theories were starting to surface and be questioned, many people couldnt even consider them without sounding as if they were committing treason against the state. Aristophanes turns to religion in order to remind his audience that both religion and science have to be equally open to questions, critique, and even in Aristophanes case, satire. This suggestion, that certain things need to be equally suceptable to to critique and questions can also be seen through the way that Aristophanes suggests there is both a problem with the accepted model of a well-rounded education, and the newer model brought about by such philopophers as the Sophists. Aristophanes saw the danger in not questioning an accepted theory or belief. Despite the fact I agree with Johnson in that Aristophanes may be a staunch defender of old values, Aristophanes saw that if something widely accepted was left unquestioned for too long, it would become idle. Basically, an idea that I believe should be applied more in the world we live in today -- a traditionally accepted theoryShow MoreRelatedApology And Aristophanes The Clouds982 Words   |  4 Pagesof classical works, they raise questions about the veracity of his quoted works. There are some works which shed a positive light on the scholar while others convey the contrary. One such comparison is that of Plato’s book, Apology and Aristophanes’ play The Clouds. Throughout both masterpieces there are connotations that they both disagreed and presumably misrepresented Socrates’ methods, beliefs and overall views. Misrepresenting Socrates has inevitably created an only partial representation ofRead MoreHow Xenophon’s Oeconomicus is a Response to Aristophanes’ Clouds1043 Words   |  5 PagesA significant body of work regarding how Xenophon’s Oeconomicus is a response to Aristophanes’ Clouds has been written in the last few decades, beginning with Leo Strauss’s enigmatic book on the dialogue. And while great consideration has gone into the pronounced relationship between these two works, as well as its relation to Xenophon’s treatises on the arts and his Hiero, the fertile Oeconomicus has many more fruits to yield for us regarding a greater understanding of the coherence of the dialogueRead MoreAristophanes Clouds Is A Social Commentary On The Nature Of Justice853 Words   |  4 PagesAristophanes’ Clouds is a social commentary on the nature of justice as it pertains to the philosophic life within the city- disguised as a crude theatrical comedy. The protagonist Strepsiades is overcome by debt due to his son Pheidippides’ obsession with horsemanship, and Strepsiades seeks the help of local philosopher Socrates in order to learn the art of deceptive speaking so that he may trick his creditors and not â€Å"give anyone back even an obol of those debts† (120). Although the play is filledRead MoreJust and Unjust Speech in Aristophanes Clouds Essay599 Words   |  3 PagesThroughout Aristophanes’ â€Å"Clouds† there is a constant battle between old and new. It makes itself apparent in the Just and Unjust speech as well as between father and son. Ultimately, Pheidippides, whom would be considered ‘new’, triumphs over the old Strepsiades, his father. This is analogous to the Just and Unjust speech. In this debate, Just speech represents the old traditions and mores of Greece while the contrasting Unjust speech is considered to be newfangled and cynical towards the old. WhileRead MoreAristophanes Clouds : A Religious Commentary On The Changing Philosophical Climate1285 Words   |  6 PagesAristophanes’ Clouds, is a religious commentary on the changing philosophical climate in Greece. This is exemplified when Socrates, the teacher of Sophistry remarks, â€Å"†¦ Zeus has been dethroned by Vertigo† (Aristophanes 830). Aristophanes depicts two different Greek ideologies clashing together causing an ideological shift within Athens. This shift is shown through the tension between different traditions, humans falsely redefining cosmic roles, and reconciliation of previous beliefs. These conflictsRead MoreAristophanes’ Clouds a Satyr Play Written in 419 BCE1161 Words   |  5 PagesAristophanes’ Clouds, if read hastily, can be interpreted as a mindless satyr play written in 419 BCE. Yet the chorus warns the reader not to expect the play to have farcical ploys like â€Å"a hanging phallus stitched on† the actors to evoke a laugh, but to take note of underlying seriousness as â€Å"she [the play] comes in trusting only her words† (Clouds 538-44). Even if the play does use some low devices, the play’s message is sophisticated and can be read as a warning to Socrates. Aristophanes isRead MoreSocrates s View On Plato s The And Aristophanes s The Clouds1371 Words   |  6 Pagesquestions to approach philosophical truths. The method is presented in both Plato’s the Euthyphro and Aristophanes’s the Clouds. However, Socrates’s personal image and characteristics, as well as the nature of his questioning differ a lot in these two works. While the Euthyphro presents a philosopher king guiding the less wise people in discovery of truths, Socrates in the Clouds has little interest in either exploring the ethical truth or helping others get out of â€Å"Plato’s cave†. Instead, he is portrayedRead MoreIs Clouds By Aristophanes : The Corrupt Nature Of Individuals Who Try And Remake Laws1353 Words   |  6 Pagesdirect fashion. With the problematic lifestyle of Strepsiades and Pheidippides, Aristophanes addresses how the injustice of the democratic system progressively moving tow ards a system of oligopoly. Similarly, aristocrats are able to control society by molding the political agenda to fit their needs, intellectuals use rhetorical skills to get away with their bidding. In this essay I will argue that Clouds by Aristophanes captures the corrupt nature of individuals who try and remake laws or customs forRead MoreEssay Clouds vs. The Apology1649 Words   |  7 Pages Clouds vs. The Apology In Aristophanes Clouds and in Platos Apology we see extensive fictional representations of the historical figure, Socrates, who left us no literary works under his own name. When comparing these two representations, readers often assume, as a result of the nature of the comedic genre, that Aristophanes portrayal of Socrates is exaggerated and fallacious. On the other hand, Platos account is often taken more seriously as a result of the philosophical genre and theRead MoreAristophanes Making Fun of Socrates in His Plays: An Analysis1039 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstand current political situation we have to try to read and recognize early writings on political philosophy, Some of the earlier works by Plato called The Republic, in the piece there are conversations between characters Socrates and Glaucon, Aristophanes, Adeimantus where they try and explain ideas and views of justice and what a truly just man and/or just state would appear How we come to the decisions as human beings th at would be for the greater good of a man and/or state. One conversation

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The Economic State Of The United States - 1218 Words

The United States today is a paradox, where corporations prosper despite the dire economic state of the rest of the country (Reich, 519-520). This paradox continues to remain true, despite any individual effort a person may make. As Robert Reich, a political economist and professor at Berkeley concludes, this is because the workforce is shifting from the manufacturing industry to service jobs and mostly, jobs that require college degrees(519-521). Presently in the U.S., one s competitive position in the world economy is starting to depend one’s function, and in this environment, the rich prosper (Reich, 519-520). In response to this situation, many now view a college degree as a key to success, and are seeking out higher education.†¦show more content†¦Financial Aid programs in the form of loans, although helpful in paying for college, do little to shorten the gap between high and low income students in higher education. The College Board, which is responsible for the SAT, AP, and other acclaimed standardized exams, states that, about two-thirds of full-time students pay for college with the help of financial aid, most of which is federally funded (Federal State AP Exam Fee Assistance,† 1) This is partly because college tuition and fees have surged 1,120 percent since 1978, causing the financial burden taken on by college applicants to become almost overwhelming (Jamrisko, 1). For this reason, financial aid is seen by low-income college applicants as a necessary means to attending college. In theory, the use of financial aids should encourage low-income people to attend college and provide equal opportunity between high and low-class students, however, it has no such effect. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, which is known for researching trends in professional environments, college enrollment in the U.S. among low income students is still 30% below that of high income students (Desilver, 1). As Tamy Luhby, an economis t and author for CNN Money says, high income-students are still 8 times more likely to graduate with a degree. Although financial aid temporarily covers the cost of college, it is basically a system of debt accumulation due to fact that many low income students can only

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My Vision For The Future Of Science And Technology

My Vision for the Future of Science and Technology If our ancestors from the days of yore could see some of today’s innovations, they would proclaim them to be magic. The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders exposed me to such innovations and, in the process, to much of the STEM field. I now have a deeper understanding of a broad range of recent scientific and technological advances, and the challenges and opportunities they create. As a result, I have an idea of where I might someday fit into the research field. The speakers at the congress placed the majority of their focuses on health, technological innovation, and astrophysics. On the subject of health I learned, among other things, about the detection and treatment of cancer, and different means by which technology aids human health. Several speakers have made significant contributions toward the effort to eradicate cancer. Nineteen-year-old Jack Andraka created a method of detecting cancer that costs just $0.03, and Robert Langer, an award-winning chemist, invented nanospheres capable of distributing medications made up of macromolecules. Neither development was begotten with ease, however. When questioned, Langer said, â€Å"I believed in my ideas and I guess that’s how I got through it.† Rana el Kaliouby utilizes technology to help people. Her company, Affectiva, created software able to detect the emotions in one’s facial expressions. They plan to incorporate themselves into Google Glass in order to assistShow Mo reRelatedComparative Studies of Bladerunner and Frankenstein1157 Words   |  5 Pagesexplore some of the concerns of her time relating to the use of science and technology and its impact on humanity. Similar concerns are also present in Ridley Scott’s â€Å"Bladerunner†, a futuristic text which combines science fiction and film noir to present a bleak view of a future world overrun by technology and consumerism, but devoid of human emotion. Both these texts offer insights into the human experience namely between man and science and man and nature. In both these texts, the main concerns ofRead MoreMy Position And Responsibilities Of The Long Term Care Community1384 Words   |  6 PagesMy current position and responsibilities in the long-term care community are the motivational factor behind my enrollment back into school. As I reflect throughout the course, I realize that I had the ability and potential to excel in a leadership role. In module 3, we participated in the MindTools leadership assessment where I scored a 74 of 90. I scored strong on self-confidence and motivating people to deliver the vision. The areas that I needed to work on are: being a good role model, managingRead MoreEssay On Artificial Intelligence1470 Words   |  6 PagesArtificial Intelligence, an acronym for AI. It is a new technical science in the research and development of intelligent theories, methods, techniques and applications for the simulation, extension and expansion of human beings. In my vision of the artificial intelligence in the future, artificial intelligence can not only manage the daily life of people, but also can become one of the family members to the human beings, and enjoy the same equal human rights. Even we can embed the mind of diedRead MorePersonal Statement For The Long Term Care Community1369 Words   |  6 PagesMy duties in the long-term care community is the motivational factor in my enrollment back into school. As I reflect throughout the course, I realize that I had the ability and potential to excel in a leadership role. In module 3, we participated in the MindTools leadership assessment where I scored a 74 of 90. I scored strong on self-confidence and motivating people to deliver the vision. The areas that I needed to work on are: being a good role model, managing performance effectively, and providingRead MoreThe National Educational Technology Standards For Students, Teachers, And Administrators Essay1082 Words   |  5 PagesLoui s University. Currently, I am enrolled in a course titled, Realizing Vision through Technological, Human and Financial Resources. The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are a set of standards sponsored by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). I have explored the ITSE website and reviewed the NETS standards for students, teachers, and administrators. In this paper I plan on describing my NETS explorations and analyze the penetration level of each category atRead MoreSample Resume : Education Administration Certification Program Essay914 Words   |  4 Pagesyour certification(s) in? My certification is Office Education. I have Master’s in Education Administration Certification program. I am currently taking my Dissertation classes at Grand Canyon University Doctor of Education Organization Leadership: Organization Development. Certified Army Specialist. Certified Pastor. Certified Person Trainer. I work with my brother in Biz/Rock toy business. CTE Program Information: Explain your CTE program and vision. How does your vision fall in line with a zeroRead MoreComputer Science As A Computer Programmer1645 Words   |  7 Pages For many years, I have been interested in studying computer science to become a computer programmer. Since I moved to the United States, my passion for computing developed while I was trying to find something to do keep myself busy after losing the freedom I had in my country as a child. My parents always said that I m addicted to my computer but what they never understood was why my computer was my best friend. Curiosity is the main reason. I ve always wondered how the internet is operatedRead MoreA PrincipalS Job Is One The Toughest Job There Is.If You1531 Words   |  7 Pages A principal s job is one the toughest job there is. If you have not taught you do not understand the educational system. I have this vision of how I will make positive changes that will affect kids lives forever, When I retire, I want to look back over my career and be remembered for the positive changes I made to my students and staff. I want to leave a legacy as one of the best principals that every worked in this public school system. I know the job is always under scrutiny and I realizedRead MoreThe Ict And Its Impact On Education1386 Words   |  6 Pagesterms of their future vision because they are blind to the rapid innovations in computer technology. We are coming from different background with different family economic levels. Not all of the young people are aware of this computerized system of the world. Not all are privileged with computerized cellular phones, iPads, iPhones and other technologies of the same categories. I am looking forward to how we can enlighten our young people to the extent that they can enrich their vision as per theirRead MoreThe Information Age963 Words   |  4 PagesGrowing up in the information age, everybody in my generation is influenced by computers. Not merely regarding computers as a toy or tool in my childhood, I was curious about the computer itself - how it works and what it can do for me. The first time I used programming was in primary school. Not printing â€Å"Hello, world† like others, I was able to draw pictures and even create games using Logo programming language. The charm of programming is very attractive to me. While in high school I participated

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The Failure Of Structural Adjustment Programmes Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper The failure of structural accommodation plans Many bankers and economic experts view the Third World as topographic points where the economic systems have yet to take off. All they need are resources to excite the at hand prosperity. To relieve the huge poorness, unemployment and destitution that afflicts the huge bulk of people, the hapless and the on the job category, in these states, economic experts and bankers look toward the free market as the solution. As developing states debts accumulate to indicate where some must declare bankruptcy, the international Bankss, the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) and the World Bank, began giving loans to these with the purpose of exciting the economic system. Attached to these loans are conditions, intending the debitor state must adhere to stringent domestic societal and economic policies if they were to go on to measure up for future loans and nutrient assistance. These fiscal assistance plans are dubbed structural accommodation programmes ( SAPs ) , and are designed to set develop ing states on solid terms within the planetary economic system so they could refund their loans. The economic policies that the IMF and the World Bank favor are those which aims bring forthing merchandises as cheaply and copiously as possible for export. And in bend, occupations would be created and a considerable gross would be generated. Harmonizing to their theory, this is supposed to raise the overall criterion of life of the people in these states and assist the local economic system expand. Since the execution of them in the 70s though, SAPs have non remedied the predicament of the hapless and the on the job category nor caused the economic growing the IMF and World Bank economic experts have predicted. In fact, grounds shows that SAPs have exacerbated the really jobs they were designed to work out: poorness, dependance, and debt. Using Jamaica as a peculiar illustration, the followers will sketch the beginnings of SAPs and the general effects they have had on states where they have been implemented. First, it would be appropriate to briefly explicate the general history and context of the planetary economic system that led to the execution of SAPs. Third World states were decolonised as their importance to advanced capitalist states declined. After the 2nd World War, the Western industrial states became more self-sufficing: dependance on natural stuffs declined because they were used more expeditiously and man-made replacements for them were being developed. The agricultural end product of these states were besides on addition. Developing states chiefly played the function of supplying industrially advanced states with natural stuffs, every bit long as there was a demand for it amongst industrial states, domestic wealth was generated. The markets for high priced and sophisticated trade goods amongst the Western states kept spread outing during this period so much wealth was created as the universe economic system grew and grew. The new pool of planetary nest eggs ensured net incomes for the uninterrupted watercourse of new investings. This post-war period is known as the long roar. With the exclusion of the freshly industrialising states ( NICs ) in East Asia and Latin America, most developing states failed to derive much autonomy because of their subservient function in the planetary market economic system as solely natural stuff exporters. The ground why they did non accomplish economic independency is due to the fact that the Third World has been ( and are being ) excluded from universe trade and investing. Most planetary trade is done between the industrially advanced states because they chiefly produce manufactured goods. The ground why the NICs were comfortable is because they were able to interrupt into universe trade by bring forthing such goods. But the chances of the remainder of the Third World transforming into even partly industrialized states are rather hopeless if they continue to be excluded from universe trade. The 1970s marked the diminution of the long roar, the 1979-82 recession being the concluding nail in the casket. With scarce investing chances and an flood of capital, Bankss began to their addition loans to the Third World. But with the recession of 1979, the debitor states found it impossible to pay off their loans. Thus a debt crisis ensued. The crisis peaked when Mexico defaulted on its loans in August 1982. So most Third World states remained in a province of societal and economic crisis. Economic growing stagnated. Construction undertakings sat unfinished and finished 1s were unpaid for. Real involvement rates rose dramatically in 1980-82 ( about 30 % ) thereby increasing the involvement on the bing debts, so loans were needed merely to cover the involvement payments. Industrial states and international Bankss recognised the demand for a manner to excite the faltering economic systems of the underdeveloped states so loans and debts can be paid back. So SAPs were devised to better authorities fiscal balance sheets and to excite economic growing and prosperity. Structural accommodation loans are geared towards building undertakings and the spread outing authorities services ( for concern ) , paving the route toward economic prosperity. The IMF and the World Bank was certain that the spread between export income earning and the cost of imports would shut. If the authoritiess of the debitor states agreed to implement the societal and economic policies, so the debt aggregation day of the month would be postponed by the large Bankss thereby keeping a certain grade of fiscal stableness for the state in the average clip. When in topographic point, the policies under SAPs that authoritiess are forced to follow hold damaging effects for the hapless and working category of those Third World states. Rather than relieving the economic jobs, the policies really make them worse. And as the economic jobs worsen, so make the societal jobs since they are inextricably connected. At the same clip, the affluent concern proprietors net incomes keep increasing yet none of it is # 8220 ; dribbling down # 8221 ; to the remainder of population as economic experts thought would. They do non see a penny. Advocates of the SAPs believe that receiver states have been # 8220 ; populating beyond their agencies # 8221 ; which is perceived to be one obstruction to economic growing. The undermentioned outlines the chief constituents of SAPs and how they drive down the life criterions of the hapless and the on the job category. Economists believe that local demand for goods must be suppressed, in economic footings it is called, # 8220 ; fastening of domestic demand # 8221 ; or # 8220 ; reduced local soaking up # 8221 ; . The two chief ways to accomplish this through SAPs is currency devaluation and the remotion of any monetary value ceilings and subsidies. When the dollar is devalued, it raises the cost of imports. And monetary value ceilings hinders the natural class the free market will take. Both methods allows rising prices to travel unbridled thereby raising the cost of life hit the really hapless the hardest. Taxs are raised and are chiefly paid by hapless and on the job category people. SAPs discourages taxing concerns and affluent persons since the economic political orientation believes that they ( the wealthy ) will put their nest eggs into domestic economic activities. The truth is, the affluent normally invests their money abroad or it is spent on luxuries. Many authoritiess give concern a period of clip where they pay perfectly no revenue enhancements when they invest in their state. This ranges from 5 to 20 old ages. This is thought to be one manner to lure new foreign investing. But revenue enhancement gross losingss are non made up with the new investing because net incomes are non re-invested back into the local economic system. When the revenue enhancement vacation is up, investors merely pack up and go forth, with their net incomes. Another making for SAPs is a part of authorities gross must be spent on helping the private sector. The SAPs typically contract constructing undertakings to private concerns to construct roads, seaports, etc. These undertakings are meant to heighten export production, the edifice of substructure makes goods easier to transport. The authorities is expected to help these concerns which, in bend, is geared towards pulling more private investing, particularly for export production. And as investing comes, it means net incomes that will assist the local economic system. But the net incomes that investors make are non re-invested locally, their nest eggs are transferred to transnational Bankss ; the same Bankss who loan capital to the authoritiess of developing states. And in bend, the se authoritiess subsidise the private investors thereby protecting their nest eggs while authoritiess build up external debt. And when local conditions are unfavorable for investing, the private investors merely reassign their nest eggs into international markets where additions can maximised. SAPs scorn duties and levies that may be placed on exports. Some authoritiess enforce them to derive some gross from the wealth of investors, but it contradicts export merchandise maximising. These protectionist barriers are designed to protect local concern from foreign competition. SAPs want domestic markets to be every bit unfastened as possible for foreign investing. By taking them those barriers, local concerns go belly up merely because they can non vie with the foreign companies. Much unemployment is created this manner, and besides local demands are even harder to run into. The SAPs for most recipient states usually require reduced public disbursement. The countries of instruction and wellness are hardest hit in most instances. There are more school fees, learning occupations are cut, in the wellness sector, services like inoculations that were antecedently free have a monetary value ticket. Again, the bulk of the population bears the load. Public utilities, land and industries are usually downsized or put on the auction block under SAPs. Economists label these authorities resources as # 8220 ; inefficient # 8221 ; but there is no grounds private companies are that much better. As services are slashed and the cost of utilizing them rises, it is the bulk of people who lose out. Attacks on workers are intrinsic to the SAP s docket. As the populace services are slashed, so are the figure of public sector workers. In the private sector, pay ceilings and freezings are imposed and the minimal pay is non enforced, therefore driving down the overall life pay. SAP proponents warrant this by faulting high production costs for the deficiency of private investing and the stagnate economic systems. These onslaughts on the working category has been met with fierce opposition throughout the 1980s which resulted in the toppling of authoritiess but really small additions for the workers themselves. It merely goes to demo that any averment of authorities control of the local economic kineticss is but an semblance. No affair how left flying a authorities may look, the bottom line is, they will ever be forced to do grants with the international Bankss. Oscar Allen, leader of the Rural Transformation Collective, observed: The chokehold on us by foreign establishments today is more entire than under the colonial state of affairs, because it is cultural and societal every bit good as economic, and because it includes co-operation and co-ordination among Caribbean authoritiess under footings dictated by the IMF and the World Bank. Jamaica is a authoritative illustration of a state where the IMF and World Bank SAPs have failed to present at a immense cost to the society. Jamaica s Labor Party, led by Harvard-graduate Edward Seaga, came to power in 1980 on the promise of new loans from the North. Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States at the clip, was confident that free endeavor would convey Jamaica prosperity. The US s Agency for International Development ( AID ) , who are creditors to the Third World and who work really closely with the IMF and World Bank, well boosted their loans to Jamaica from $ 38 to $ 208 million. From 1981 to 1989, USAID spent an norm of about $ 120 million per twelvemonth ; the most of all the Caribbean states. To pull private investors, Seaga used a typical economic scheme that was bound to neglect from the really beginning: he pulled out all the Michigans to open domestic markets for foreign competition. He reduced authorities protection of Jamaican manufacturers and opened the state to more imports from abroad. Garment piecing sweatshops, where non-unionised adult females worked for less than 50 cents an hr, we re widely promoted. In bend, local concern shuttings resulted in monolithic occupation losingss ; the concerns could no maintain up with foreign makers. By 1982, Jamaica s trade shortage tripled and wealth could non be contained within the state. New IMF loans were given to the Seaga authorities but that besides intend a thin economic policy: the Jamaican dollar was devalued by 43 % ( cut downing the purchasing power of Jamaicans ) . This resulted in a renewed agony by the Jamaican working category and hapless. Inflation accelerated to 30 % in 1984/85 and unemployment climbed to 30 % . The universe market monetary values of minerals ( Jamaica s main export ) , peculiarly bauxite and alumina, were highly low which translated into the shutting of big mines operations. By 1988, the state s external debt reached $ 4.4 billion which was one of the highest per capita in the universe. And gaining from exports fell by 2.6 % , instead than increasing. The cost to the Jamaican people because of the SAPs imposed on the state is reeling. Funding to wellness attention fell by 33 % from 1981 to 1985 which resulted in fallen existent incomes of physicians, nurses and wellness workers, shutting of infirmary services and new charges to bing services. Housing monetary values have efficaciously doubled in both urban and rural countries. A fifth of the public work force was slashed in one twelvemonth, October 1984 # 8211 ; 85. The concentration of wealth continues thereby increasing the spread between the richest and the poorest Jamaicans. The usage of difficult drugs and offense rose, and is still on the rise. And poorness is rampant, even the in-between category lives in fright. In response to declining conditions, people took to the streets in mass presentations and general work stoppages. Many triumphs have been won from the grassroots degree but cardinal alteration has yet to be seen. By the terminal of Seaga s term, Jamaica s gross national merchandise was no larger than it had been at the beginning of his term. But the external debt of Jamaica doubled. The World Bank s senior economic expert for Jamaica, Roger Robinson, acknowledged in 1988 that Jamaica s societal and economic substructure is worse than it was in the seventiess. None the less, he still recommended retrieving more of the costs from the users of infirmaries, schools and other services, despite the fact that Jamaica has been fighting to pay the care of all its public establishments. By the clip Edward Seaga left office as a defeated politician, he was highly hated. At the same clip, economic assistance from the US had declined because of their deficiency of concern with the Caribbean as a national security issue ( i.e. the Cold War was coming to an terminal ) . So in his topographic point comes Michael Manley who was really the anterior president to Seaga. New dialogues provided new loans for the deteriorating state but new asceticism steps were besides dictated that would turn out far worse for the people of Jamaica. The Jamaican dollar was devalued even further and it reached a record depression of J $ 10 to US $ 1. Food monetary value subsidies were lowered and monetary value caps on nutrient were raised. To grok the farther impairment of life conditions, one may visualize it this manner: monetary values in Jamaica are merely somewhat lower than that of the US but the Jamaican lower limit pay is eleven times lower its US opposite number. As the barbarous economic rhythm spins, Jamaica s societal cloth cryings even more. To this twenty-four hours, it is the same old vocal and dance for the state. Equally long as the same neo-liberal free market schemes are utilised in trying to kickstart the Jamaican economic system, the same dead Equus caballus will go on to be flogged over and over. In decision, structural accommodation programmes that have been implemented by international Bankss such as the IMF and the World Bank have failed in run intoing their aims of conveying economic growing to the Third World. Alternatively of work outing the economic and societal jobs they promised they would make, the SAPs create and perpetuate them. SAPs proved to be complete dead terminals. They merely augment the demand for Third World states to maintain borrowing capital from creditors, droping themselves into greater and dejecting the life criterions of their several citizens. The incrimination of stagnate economic systems should be placed on the Third World exclusion from universe trade. Advanced industrial states trade chiefly between themselves short-circuiting the Third World. And worse still, the demand for Third World raw material exports are on the diminution so their chief beginning of income, export net incomes, are falling. Therefore doing the likely-hood of holding debt s and loans repaid even slimmer.

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Occupational Safety and Health free essay sample

Self My main health and safety responsibilities are: monitor the workplace practices such as care activities, care procedures, the Use of care materials and equipment. Minimise any risk of danger and possibility of injury and harm to service users, others and Myself Report and record any health and safety concerns. We will write a custom essay sample on Occupational Safety and Health or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Attend training. Employer/Manager The main health and safety responsibilities are: make sure every member of staff is aware of his/her Responsibilities with regard to Health and Safety Policy, ensure that there are safe working methods and equipment in place to Avoid injury, damage and wastage†¦ Assess and minimise risks, provide health and safety training, information and supervision, Provide welfare and first aid facilities and provide protective clothing and equipment free of charge. Others – All staff and visitors to the care home such as service users, relatives, doctors, nurses and agency workers must follow all Health and Safety procedures†¦follow instructions for use of equipment and report any health and safety concerns. (1. 4) Any tasks that are hazardous for health and safety shouldn’t be done without special training. Hazards associated with equipment Using hoists and slings, waste disposal, cleaning and chemical substances; hazards associated with people moving and handling Procedures, cooking and given medicines Outcome 2 (2:1) Legislation that relates to health and safety includes, amongst others, the Health and Safety at work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998. The general roles and responsibilities of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with my organisation for colleagues include: * Having a personal and collective responsibility to promote safe working practices and maintain a healthy, safe and secure workplace * Having a responsibility to ensure that they have an awareness of and comply with the organisations health and safety policy * Having an awareness of health and safety risks they face and the actions they should take to mitigate those risks.

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law and society essays

law and society essays The function of law in a society is more or less universal. It acts as a deterrent to control the evil and treacherous behavior of humans, to maintain discipline and imposes restrictions on some freedom. We live in a chaotic and uncertain world. Without an orderly environment based on and backed by law, the normal activities of life would be lacerated with chaos. Law is a social norm, the infraction of which is sanctioned in treat or in fact by the application of physical force or by a party possessing the socially recognized privilege or so acting. It provides a society with order and predictability, resolving disputes, protecting individuals and property, providing for the general welfare and protecting individual liberties. Law and the predictability it provides cannot guarantee us a totally safe world, but it can create a climate in which people believe it is worthwhile to produce, venture fort, and to live for the morrow. It prevents the state of nature, which would be total anarchy had there been no laws. Societies today are more complex and interacting. Maintaining good order and discipline have far reaching implications on a societys prosperity. Laws are in acted daily through out different societies for the protection and security of individuals, property, businesses and states. It permits an orderly, peaceful process for dispute resolution and provides us with the programs to establish and enable corporately, what would be impossible, or at least prohibitive, to do as individuals. Laws should be designed to protect the individual personal and civil rights against those forces, which would curtail or restrict them. Some examples of this are freedom of speech, religion, the press, the right to a fair trail and the freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. In the United States the respect for the law is paramount and disobedience to the la ...

Friday, February 21, 2020

Fire and the Dying Flames of the American Dream Essay

Fire and the Dying Flames of the American Dream - Essay Example The fantastical element within the story occurs without the expected excitement. Bears discover fire, the local news station (the narrator is never sure which one) document footage, but essentially the lives of the characters are utterly unaffected by the seemingly outstanding phenomenon. A reader can interpret this one of two ways. First, that the characters within the story are capable of accepting bears as higher, more evolved beings within their daily life—something vaguely interesting but will soon become too commonplace to worry about. Or, second, that the bears discovering fire signal a much deeper significance within the main story arch: that the bears parallel the narrator’s personal discovery that life has passed him by and he was never able to achieve anything more significant than being adept at changing tires; a remarkable matter when it becomes clear within the first few moments that his skill is a dying art and he is now replaceable by â€Å"stuff called FlatFix†¦$3.95 the can† (Bisson 523) The reader experiences the same encroaching depression, as â€Å"weak [and] flicker† (523) as the flashlight that refuses to light the narrator’s way, as he becomes relevant only within his own life. A pivotal moment in the story occurs when the narrator is sitting across the fire from a group of bears and he is impacted by a revelation about the nature of the human-like creatures. Though they have come together in a social group to utilize the benefits of fire, only a few bears seem to have the ability to control it â€Å"and were carrying the others along† (529). He reflects that â€Å"isn’t that how it is with everything?† (529). The narrator’s revelation is entirely unresolved, but the author was, perhaps, leading a reader to their own conclusions about how people work within social groups. A few people have the skill to make fire, cook meals, make repairs, etc, while others are being carr ied along because they do not possess said skill. Yet, the group still functions. The narrator is at once struck by the beauty of the fire, the â€Å"little dramas were being played out as fiery chambers were created and then destroyed in a crashing of sparks† (529). This moment, as miniscule as it may seem to the reader, serves to highlight the deeper theme of how the American Dream has been lost for the narrator. Life is full of â€Å"fiery chambers† that dance and envelope a person still capable of maintaining the passion to reach for their dream. But as with many who have held a dream and let it go (for reasons of life, love, or accident), that dream is â€Å"destroyed† exactly like the blazing cherubs of hope within the pit of fire. Outside his own imagination, he looks across the fiery circle â€Å"at the bears and wondered what they saw. Some had their eyes closed. Though they were gathered together, their spirits still seemed solitary, as if each bear w as sitting alone in front of its own fire† (529). Struck by the solitary nature of the animals, he has found that though they work together as a group for the benefit of their survival, they are entirely independent from the group as a whole. Essentially, they are still in a form of hibernation, separated from the whole by their own